What are the different PG/VG base mix options?

At Vapor Vapes, we offer 6 different PG/VG ratios that you can choose from. Each blend or ratio will have a different effect on your vaping experience, making it crucial that you select the right one for you.

First, take a look at our PG article and VG article to learn more about the two.

PG/VG 50/50 – Standard: This blend is ideal for general vape devices above 1 ohm. It is recommended for beginners, especially ones switching from smoking. Higher nicotine strength is safe to use at this level for a stronger throat hit. The intended inhalation style is mouth-to-lung.

PG/VG 30/70 – High Wattage: This is a higher VG blend best used in Sub-Ohm devices (<1 ohm) such as a box mod or large vape pen. It produces very good flavor and a thick vapor cloud. The intended inhalation style is direct-to-lung.

PG/VG 70/30 – Cigalikes: This blend is not as popular nowadays. It is often used in older Cigalikes / Electronic Cigarette devices (E-Cigs) with atomizers over 2.0 ohms. High PG vape juices provide a harsher throat hit and are therefore not recommended if you have a PG sensitivity.

PG/VG 20/80 – Dripper: This is a high VG blend intended for use with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) devices.Our dripper blend produces dense clouds with a light throat hit. As it is thicker juice with a high viscosity, it does not wick well, hence it is not recommended for Pod Systems.

VG 100% – Max VG: This is the dream blend for competitive cloud chasers. It provides maximum cloud production, with little to no throat hit. The flavor profile is generally a lot lighter than other blends so it is not recommended for flavor chasers. Max VG has a very thick and syrupy consistency, it is not suitable for use in Pod Devices.

PG 100%: Pure PG is not intended to be vaped on its own. This blend is only available with our Flavorless and PG/VG Base e-liquids and is mostly used as a base mix in DIYing.

If you have a specific ratio in mind, accommodations can be made upon request. Simply leave a note on your order and the adjustment will be made.

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