What are the different PG/VG mix options?

At Vapor Vapes, we offer 5 different PG/VG ratios that you can choose from. Each blend or ratio will have a different effect on your vaping experience, making it crucial that you select the right one for you.

First, take a look at our PG article and VG article to learn more about the two.  

PG/VG 50/50 Best Mix: The Best Mix blend will provide you with a moderate throat hit and decent cloud production. As you can guess, this is half PG and half VG. It works great with most devices and we typically recommend that you order 50/50, especially if you are new to vaping.

PG/VG 25/75 Max Vapor: Selecting our Max Vapor blend will allow you to exhale the massive clouds of vapor you may be looking for. The flavor of your e-juice may begin to lose its taste, however, some people prefer the slightly sweeter effect that the VG can add. 

PG/VG 75/25 Strong Hit: The Strong Hit mix is what's necessary to receive an extra kick in your throat, plus deliver a stronger flavor. You'll see smaller clouds with Strong Hit, but most who use this mix don't care much for that. 

VG Only: When you select VG only, you will receive your e-juice with 100% VG. This will make for a very thick e-juice with robust vapor production. 

PG Only: This is a blend that ultimately delivers a harsh throat hit and a more pronounced flavor. 

If you have a specific ratio in mind, accommodations can be made upon request. Simply leave a note on your order and the adjustment will be made.

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