Does my E-Juice contain Formaldehyde?

The short answer is no.

It's no secret that the use of e-cigarettes and other ENDS are frequently criticized. Despite multiple attempts to stop misinformation both in the scientific community and among users and/or potential users of e-cigarettes, we are still being exposed to inconclusive and erroneous studies, articles and social media posts.

In 2015 a controversial study stated that formaldehyde (classified as a probable carcinogen) was produced when vaping. This study unfortunately failed to discuss important facts and when replicated it failed to produce the same results.

According to a recent study conducted by Dr Farsalinos, "the high levels of formaldehyde emissions that were reported were caused by unrealistic use conditions..." The components produced were not actual formaldehyde aerosles but rather formaldehyde hemiacetals: a combination of formaldehyde and alcohols. Simply put, there is no evidence that these hemiacetals are toxic or carcinogenic as it is not true formaldehyde. The authors of this problematic study wrongfully considered the risk of formaldehyde hemiacetals equal to that of formaldehyde and reported the risk of cancer.

To set the record straight, Dr Farsalinos' replication study used the same vaping equipment and e-liquid and he found that very "high formaldehyde levels were only produced in conditions that are aversive to users."

In conclusion it's safe to say that recent evidence has put the formaldehyde theory to bed. While it is important to stay informed, flawed studies and inaccurate statements can do more harm than good. It is therefore integral to research these claims to ensure that you have truthful and unbiased information at your disposal.

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