Why am I being charged a CA Nicotine Fee?

The CDTFA imposes an additional tax on the sale and distribution of tobacco products such as e-liquids within the state of California. Unfortunately this means that our prices need to be adjusted accordingly for orders shipped to California. We add this adjustment to your order total as a "CA Nicotine Fee".

Tobacco products that apply to this tax are defined as "Any product containing, made of, or derived from any amount of nicotine that is intended for human consumption and sold with (for a single price) or without a delivery device or system." As such, any of our products that do not contain nicotine, such as 0mg E-Liquids, DIY Flavor Concentrates and DIY Bottles, are exempt from these fees.

For more information, see the CDTFA's Tax Guide for Cigarettes and Tobacco Products.

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