Order schedule terms and conditions

  • All dates and times are Pacific Time.
  • Order schedules will begin processing they day before the shipping date.
  • Order schedules can be edited, paused or deleted at any time, except while being processed.
  • Shipping dates that fall on a Sunday will be adjusted to the following Monday.
  • Shipping dates are a best effort. Though we will try our best to ensure your order ships out on the date you choose, delays may occur due to weather, holiday seasons, courier delays, etc.
  • Shipping prices are not necessarily constant and may vary at the time of order execution.
  • Sales and/or other types of tax may be applied or vary in amount at the time of order execution.
  • Order schedule promo deals are valid for one order per schedule per deal. Thereafter the standard discount rate will apply.
  • Coupons, eGift Cards and general sales do not apply to order schedules.

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