How much e-juice should I use when vaping?

Type of Device
The different types of vaping devices have certain amounts of e-juice that should be used. It's talked about below:

With a normal sized e-cigarette, you should fill it up between 3/4mL and 1mL. For the jumbo e-cigarettes, you shouldn't fill it past 2mL. While both are usually the max amount of e-liquid the e-cigarette holds, some of them can hold a little more. The biggest reason why you shouldn't fill it any more is because it can easily overflow, leak all over, and possibly destroy your device.

Portable Vaporizer
Most vaporizers come in pen form and the maximum amount of juice/oil/concentrate it can hold is about 2.5mL to 3mL. The best spot to fill is right in between the maximum line and the one right below it. This can help ensure that it won't overflow.

Most MODs come in two sizes. The smaller one holds around 3.5mL of e-liquid and the larger one holds around 6mL of e-liquid. The best way to fill these is right under the maximum mark. This makes it so that it won't overflow but has enough liquid where it won't mess up your device.

Tank Size and Material
The tank size and material of your tank could make it so it needs to be filled to different levels.

Tank Size
With so many different tank sizes, the amount of e-juice that needs to be put in will differ. The best way to fill it to the level it needs to be is either read the manual or look for the fill line. It really shouldn't be filled under or above the line. Filling under the line can burn out your device, while filling it above the line can make it overflow and ruin the device.

Different materials don't do well with certain e-liquids. For example, a plastic tank isn't great for liquids that have a high acidity. With that being said, if you have a type of juice that doesn't go well with the tank you have, then you should put the least amount of e-liquid that you can without risking the destruction of the device.

Nicotine Strength, Flavoring, VG/PG Ratio
Nicotine strength, flavoring, and VG/PG ratio could dictate how much e-liquid should be put into your tank.

Nicotine Strength
An e-juice with a higher nicotine strength can stain and even crack your tank. If you use a lot of liquids that have a higher nicotine content, then you should put the least amount of juice that you can. This will help your tank last longer.

Some flavoring can crack or make your tank break. This could be from the acidity or the fact that some flavors get so hot. If you have a flavor that does this then you should try and not fill it too much higher than the minimum fill line. 

VG/PG Ratio
If you use a lot of liquids that have a higher VG content, then you should put the least amount of liquid in you can. The reason for this is because higher VG liquids are thicker and make your device gunk up quicker and can lead to it being destroyed. 

Vaper's Preference
The final thing that can dictate the amount of e-juice to use is a vaper's preference. Different activities will need different amounts of juice.

Cloud Chasing
When cloud chasing, you should put liquid about halfway up the the fill line. The reason for this is because liquids with high VG are the best for this type of activity. Remember, VG liquids gunk up your device so you want to put enough liquid in to get good clouds but not so much so that it will destroy your device.

Flavor Chasing
In terms of flavor chasing, you want to put as much liquid as you can in. This will help ensure that each hit is full of the amazing flavor you want. Make sure you don't fill it past the fill line because it could overflow and short the device.

Leisure Vaping
When leisure vaping, you can pretty much fill the tank to wherever you want as long as it isn't past the fill line. If you only want to take a few hits, then you don't have to fill it all the way to the line but if you are planning on vaping for longer periods of time then you should fill it right up to the line. You can always fill it up again if you want to keep vaping after it's empty.

We always suggest that you vape in moderation. However e-juice consumption is dependent on a few things:

  • Higher Watt devices will use more e-juice than others.
  • Tank size will also affect the amount of e-liquid required.
  • You are more likely to use larger amounts of e-juice if it has a lower nicotine strength.

If you are using a higher nicotine strength please vape in moderation. The level of nicotine can have unpleasant side effects such as; a burning or sore throat.

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