Vaper's Tongue. What is it and what can I do to fix it?

First things first, although referred to as Vaper's Tongue (also known as Vaper's Fatigue) it's all in the nose rather than the tongue. While you do "taste" a small quantity of e-juice, your sense of smell aka nose is the primary way you experience your e-juice flavor. In essence the real culprit of Vaper's Tongue/ Vaper's Fatigue is olfactory exhaustion which results in the sudden loss of/diminished taste when vaping. This condition is not unusual and has been experienced by many a vaper from time to time. If you are currently a victim of the dreaded Vaper's Tongue, it's important to note that this condition is not permanent and only lasts 1 - 3 days. While unpleasant it is generally no cause for concern.

Reason you might be experiencing Vaper's Tongue:
  • First-time vapers are often the causalities of Vaper's Tongue. Smoking tobacco impairs your sense of taste and smell. When you start vaping, olfactory exhaustion can set in due to the intensity of the e-liquid(s) flavor.
  • You've recently sustained a burn on your tongue or consumed very spicy food that has resulted in a desensitized palate. 
  • Your PG/VG mix is too high or might not be the right fit.
  • A sinus infection, cold and/or allergies can affect your ability to taste and smell anything.
  • Have you checked the expiration date of the e-liquid? The culprit might very well be an expired e-liquid rather than Vaper's Tongue. A slight peppery taste may indicate that an e-juice has expired.
Here are a few possible remedies for Vaper's Tongue:
  1. Quit vaping for a few days. Although not a popular suggestion, vapers find that it is the most successful suggested remedy for Vaper's Fatigue. This recovery time simply renews your ability to taste flavors.
  2. Try vaping a Flavorless E-Liquid with no added Nicotine. The change of pace gives your palate a break and might result in shortening the duration of Vaper's Tongue.
  3. Hydrate. Propylene Glycol (PG) is hygroscopic which means it bonds with water molecules. When vaping it extracts water from your mouth and saliva, this results in a dry mouth. Drinking enough water might not prevent Vaper's Tongue but it will ensure a more pleasant vaping experience.

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