What nicotine strength should I use?

Determining the right freebase nicotine strength is a crucial step in starting your vaping journey. We've identified key ranges to help you pick the right strength.

Nicotine Ranges:

  • 0mg (0%):
    Ideal for vapers who prefer flavor without any nicotine.
  • 1.5mg (0.15%):
    The perfect nicotine strength for vapers looking to cut down on their nicotine usage or an ultra-light hit.
  • 3mg (0.3%):
    Best for light smokers or sub-ohm vaping. Nicotine has a harder hit when sub-ohming which is why many choose to use 3mg.
  • 6mg (0.6%) - 12mg (1.2%):
    Smokers with light to moderate cigarette consumption should ideally pick a strength between 6-12mg nicotine. Most domestic cigarettes fall in this range as well.
  • 12mg (1.2%) - 18mg (1.8%):
    Heavy smokers should start here and eventually work their way down. If you smoke a pack a day, try starting with 18mg. In this range, you'll also start to taste the peppery flavor of nicotine. This will have an effect on the overall flavor of your e-liquid.
  • 24mg (2.4%):
    Best suited for very heavy smokers (a couple packs a day). It's not recommended to start at this level, instead try 18mg first before moving up to 24mg.
  • 30mg (3.0%) or above:
    In this range, nicotine MUST be diluted before consumption. Try using a 0mg blend of Flavorless E-Liquid or PG/VG Base to do so.

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