How do I let my e-juice breathe?

In the vaping world, there is a part of steeping called breathing. This is when you let oxygen get into your e-juice. It is recommended that this isn't done for more than 12 hours and make sure you cap it and shake it at least 3-4 times a day. The reason you don't want to do it more than 12 hours is because your juice can lose its flavor as well as making the nicotine strength less. Keep in mind, some juices will get lighter or darker as they breathe and it isn't anything to be alarmed about. 

Even though it's a pretty simple process, it still needs to be done correctly. Not doing it correctly can destroy your e-liquid completely and you don't want that. The steps for the process are listed below.

  • Take off the cap and nipple.
  • Let it sit in a cool and dark place for no more than 12 hours.
  • Throughout the process, put the cap and nipple back on and shake it 3-4 times.
  • If you let it breathe by putting it in a warm area, then you should steep it for an additional 2 to 3 days.

Most of the time, breathing needs done when an e-juice contains alcohol. This process helps all the alcohol evaporate. Another time it would need done is if the flavor or nicotine strength doesn't seem super strong. Letting the e-juice breathe will help both things become more intense and noticeable. One last situation would be if the e-juice is very harsh. Letting it breathe will really help everything smooth out and give you a much smoother vape.

There are a few reasons why a vaper would let their e-liquid breathe. Not everyone chooses to do it but the ones that do usually do it for one of these reasons. They are listed below.

  • To get more intense flavor
  • To get a stronger nicotine presence
  • To take away some of the harshness
  • To let any alcohol evaporate
  • To really let all the flavors and ingredients blend completely

If any of these things are happening with your e-juice, then you should give breathing a try. Just be careful because it's very easy to accidentally mess up your juice. If you are nervous, you can put about half the bottle in a different container and leave the cap off while leaving the cap on the original bottle. Then you can try both and see if breathing really does make a difference.

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