When should I replace my battery?

Some batteries last longer than others but usage, storage and charging all contribute to the battery's lifespan. The best way to determine whether your battery needs replacing is by investing in a voltmeter or multi-meter.

Remember to check your battery specifications, specifically the peak voltage and lowest discharge voltages. If a measured battery is at the lowest discharge voltage (after being charged) it more than likely needs replacing.

  • Other indicators that your battery might need replacing:
  • Frequent low battery alerts even though you haven't increased the power.
  • When your mod doesn't provide the same hit or you cannot use it for as long as you used to before recharging the battery.
  • The battery heats up during use or charging even though you haven't adjusted the power settings or coil resistance.
  • The battery vents and leaks even the smallest amount of fluid. If you continue to use such a battery it could overheat and possibly burst.
  • If a recharged battery will no longer reach the peak voltage. Be sure to first check that the charger is functional by switching charger bays.
  • If the battery has rusted badly. A few small spots are not an issue but spots that are growing larger and/or pushing up the wrap should be replaced.

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