What is the difference between E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers?

The terms Vaporizer and Electronic Cigarette are nearly interchangeable. While every electronic cigarette is considered a vaporizer, not every vaporizer is considered an electronic cigarette.


  • Are used solely to deliver nicotine replacement in the form of e-liquid.
  • Need a bit of setup, maintenance and cleaning/care.
  • Also require the replacement of certain parts such as the coil.
  • Are generally smaller and more compact than vaporizers.


  • Typically require more start-up costs.
  • Can hold a wide variety of substances such tobacco/leafy substances, sticky substances and/or juice-like substances.
  • Some utilise an "oven" instead of a cartomizer, atomizer, or coil.
  • Also require maintenance such as cleaning or polishing or de-tarring.

While there are differences between e-cigarettes and vaporizers, they do function similarly and selecting a device is about personal preference.

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