My e-cigarette batteries keep dying. How can I fix this?

The first step is to be sure that it is indeed the battery and not perhaps your charger. Try switching charger bays and see if this fixes the problem.

Any luck? If not, here is a list of possible culprits:

  • When you vape regularly more power flows through the battery cells, increasing the life span and efficiency. Leaving your e-cigarette/battery unused for long periods of time can affect its performance.
  • You are using your battery until it is fully drained. When batteries are completely drained, cells have to work harder to recharge and this can take its toll in the long run.
  • Avoid storing batteries when they are at 50% or less charge/capacity. Be sure to always check that you charge the batteries to at least 70% before storing them.
  • Inspect batteries regularly to ensure there is no liquid leaking from the battery. If there is, replace the affected battery immediately.
  • Never overcharge batteries.
  • You might need to clean the batteries.

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