What is temperature control?

Having a MOD or vaporizer with temperature control is becoming increasingly popular among the vaping community. Not only can it improve your overall experience, but it brings another level of customization. The great thing about temperature control is that there are endless possibilities of devices that now offer it. Since overheating is an extremely common challenge with vapes, having temperature control can help stop that. This is essential because overheating can not only burn you, but completely mess up your device.

Keep in mind that even though it's called temperature control, there aren't any heat sensors or thermostats built into the device. The way it works is by sensing resistance changes. When a resistance change is sensed, the temperature control will automatically adjust. This means it will reduce, restrict, or totally cut off power depending on the resistance change amount.

While there are many devices that now offer temperature control, there are some that will almost always have it. Back when this feature first came out, the devices were very rarely under $200. This was considered very expensive and many vapers didn't take advantage of it. These days, it's more affordable and some cheaper models even have it.

Now, there are 3 main types of devices that always have temperature control.

Complete Cut Off
Some devices, such as the DNA40 and the rDNA40 are made to completely cut off power when the temperature that is desired is reached.

Output Reduction
Some devices are made to majorly reduce the output of the device. This makes it, so the device can continue fired at the maximum temperature setting.

High-End Temperature Controlled Devices
Devices that are considered high-end and have temperature control can usually do both of these things. This really helps ensure that overheating isn't as much of an issue and helps your vaping experience be enjoyable, as well as making sure nothing harmful happens.

With temperature-controlled devices, there are several benefits. Vapers might think that it's just another feature you don't need, but there are very good outcomes that can happen by using one of these devices. Some of those benefits are listed below.

  • The life of your coils can be extended since overheating can make them too hot and cause them to burn out.
  • You won't have to worry about destroying your tank from dry firing because of too little liquid because temperature control won't let your device work if it detects that there isn't enough e-liquid.
  • You won't have to worry about the things that happen with overheating.
  • Your battery will have a longer life and charge because it isn't getting too hot and the temperature control will make it work less hard.

If overheating is a huge issue for you and you're tired of it, you should investigate getting a device that offers temperature control. Having one of these devices should help eliminate that headache and relieve any annoyance.

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