How can I tell if my coil needs to be replaced?

At some point or another, you're going to have to replace the coil in your vaping device. The hard part about that, though, is that some people aren't sure when they need to replace it. Sometimes it's obvious that it's time to replace, while other times it's just subtle things that you might not even give a second thought to. Replacing the coil is something that will extend the life of your vape, as well as give you the best vaping experience possible. This article is going to give you some insight on what to keep an eye out for to let you know it's time for the coil to be changed. 

There are a few signs that will let you know when it's time to replace the coil. The first sign is getting a burnt taste in your mouth. If you can't really taste the flavor and you're mostly tasting something burnt, then it's time to replace the coil. The next sign is if your e-juice tastes different than it's supposed to. For instance, if you have a strawberry e-juice that tastes different than it used to, then that could mean the coil needs to be changed.

Another sign is if your device is making a gurgling sound when you vape. This isn't normal, and it could be pointing to a bad coil. Finally, if you've been using your coil for a long time, then it's a good idea to change it. They don't last forever so you should change them out about every month or so.

In addition to those signs, there are some other things that you should watch for that point to a bad coil. Those are listed below.

  • If your tank is leaking
  • If your device isn't producing as much vapor as normal
  • If the e-juice inside your tank is getting darker in color
  • If you notice black gunk build up
  • If your hits are much harsher than normal
  • If the device‚Äôs airflow is clogged up

The next piece of information that you need to know is how to actually replace the coil. The steps for this are listed below.

Step #1: Unscrew the battery from the tank

Step #2: Get toilet paper or paper towels and empty the e-juice into the sink with running water

Step #3: Turn your tank upside down on the paper and unscrew the metal cap from the bottom of the tank

Step #4: Unscrew the coil head from the bottom of the tank

Step #5: Screw the new coil onto the bottom cap

Step #6: Put the tank and battery back together and fill the tank back up

Final Step: Check for leaks before use

There are some things that you can do that will either prolong or decrease the lifespan of the coil. Those are listed below.


  • Don't use many sweet e-juices
  • Don't dry burn
  • Prime your coils correctly
  • Don't use many liquids with colorings
  • Use high-quality e-liquids


  • Chain-vaping
  • Using liquids with higher VG content
  • Using a higher wattage
  • Using juice that is very thick
  • Using a higher temperature when vaping

Quickly Recap

On average coils lasts between 1 to 4 weeks but it depends on how often you vape. If your coil needs to be replaced, you'll be able to taste it. The e-juice flavor is no longer noticeable as the ingredients are getting burnt up by the damaged coil.

You may also notice:

  • A gurgling/bubbling sound emitting from the tank when you inhale.
  • E-liquid might be seeping onto the battery through the burnt out coil.

Other factors that may influence the lifespan of a coil is;

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