What do the different order schedule statuses mean?

There are 5 different statuses that an order schedule can have. Below is a summary of what each status means:

  • Active – This order schedule is valid and running. It will trigger new orders according to the Start Date and Repeat Interval you have selected.
  • Paused – This order schedule is not running. It will not trigger any new orders until it is resumed.
  • Processing – This order schedule has triggered and is being processed. Your payment has been authorized successfully and a new order has been created. The order should be shipped out the following day.
  • Failed – Payment authorization has failed for this order schedule. No new orders will be triggered while in this status. Please ensure that you have a valid payment method saved to your account before resuming this order schedule.
  • Suspended – You don't have any valid payment methods saved or your account age verification is invalid (i.e. not verified or underage). Order schedules with this status can be edited or deleted, but will not trigger any orders until the account issues have been resolved.

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