Why is my battery hot?

The battery of the vaping device should be well-taken care of. It performs one of the most important functions in the device. There are many cases of its battery getting hot after usage. Many vapers have reported that the battery of their device has a tendency of getting hot.

Causes of hotness in the vaping device

The battery of the vaping device gets hot after some usage, according to many users. According to our analysis, there are various things that can cause the battery to be hot:

  • The manufacturer of the battery. Different companies manufacture vaping batteries. The composition of the materials that they use in the manufacturing of the battery differs. The difference in the chemical composition used in the manufacturing of the battery is responsible for causing the hotness. Different batteries, therefore, produce unique results when used in an e-cigarette or MOD.
  • Overcharging. Overcharging of the vaping battery is one of the causes of the hotness in the device. One should, therefore, charge the vaping device according to the instructions in the manual. To avoid overcharging, one must always oversee charging his device to increase the battery life.
  • The duration of usage. Overusing a device can cause the hotness of the battery when using. For instance, when using your device for a longer duration, chances of the battery getting hot is high. Overusing can result in overheating.
  • Outside temperatures. The outside temperatures of the vaping device can affect the life and the usage of the better. For instance, when using a battery in a high-temperature environment, it may result in the battery getting hot. One should, therefore, store the battery in the right environment.
  • Wrong battery charger. When charging your vaping device, it is important to use the right charger for your device. Using a wrong or inappropriate charger may make the battery of your device to overheat causing the hotness of the battery. This can be corrected by using the correct charger.

It’s therefore prudent to take complete control of your vape battery. Some vapers also put their batteries in the wrong direction causing short-circuiting. This can create hotness of the battery and hence, cause an explosion and complete damages. Taking good care of your battery can make it last longer.

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