Is the crackling/popping sound I hear normal when vaping?

If you're hearing crackling/popping sounds when you vape, there is most likely little cause for concern.

The crackles and pops are a result of the e-juice being heated and then vaporized. The noises and volume will vary from product to product and is also affected by how you're vaping.

Things that generally affect these noises:

  • Different e-liquid ingredients, especially the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) mix as this affects the thickness (viscosity) of your e-juice.
  • The wick material inside the coil, i.e. cotton or silica.
  • The design of the coil, some sub-Ohm coils have very large intake holes.
  • The power level/wattage/voltage and the resulting heat or temperature.

Do bear in mind, if you're using a sub-Ohm coil, it may be that not all the e-liquid is being used. The excess/build-up e-juice crackles as it's heated but not all of it turns to vapor.

Possible reasons could be that:

  • Your wattage/voltage needs to be increased to provide more heat.
  • You may just need to adjust your vaping style; a longer draw at the correct power level.

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